Skin Care | Total Barrier Protection

The NHS Five Year Forward View (2014) calls for new models of care with protection and prevention a key focus.

Adequate skin care is regarded as a major strategy for maintaining the skin barrier, skin integrity and health. (1-3)

Total Barrier Protection is a moisture damage treatment strategy that prevents, protects, repairs and restores skin integrity, improving patient care whilst driving efficiency savings.

All healthcare professionals have a duty to assess, maintain and restore skin integrity as part of their daily contact with patients. Poor management of vulnerable skin can cause multiple problems for both the patient and the healthcare professional.

Skin Care | Total Barrier Protection

The Total Barrier Protection™ (TBP) strategy ensures the right patient, receives the right skin care treatment, at the right time. Repairing and restoring skin integrity whilst also ensuring protection against factors that may damage vulnerable skin, preventing further trauma to patients.

The TBP strategy has been designed to:

1. To ensure the patient receives the right skin care treatment at the right time

  • improving patient care
  • reducing product wastage
  • driving efficiency savings

2. As an easy to implement strategy

3. Be rolled out with full company support & education materials

Medicareplus International’s Skin Care Range provides Total Barrier Protection.

Skin Care | Total Barrier Protection
Skin Care | Total Barrier Protection

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Skin Care | Total Barrier Protection