Total Barrier Protection is a moisture damage treatment strategy that prevents, protects, repairs and restores skin integrity, improving patient care whilst driving efficiency savings.

To protect your patient’s skin and your budgets, no strategy works better than Total Barrier Protection™.

Total Barrier Protection™:

1. Ensures the patient receives the right skin care treatment at the right time

  • improves patient care
  • reduces product wastage
  • drives efficiency savings

2. Is an easy to implement strategy
3. Is rolled out with full company support & education materials

Skin Care | Total Barrier Protection

A change that has positively impacted our budgets whilst maintaining patient safety

The Tissue Viability Team at Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust undertook an evaluation of barrier products last year prompted by both a continuing  rise in usage and associated costs. We wanted a like for like range so both a cream & film to still be available as both were used widely across our acute areas and community. Following our evaluations we opted to change to the Derma-S range.

"Hospital spend is difficult to analyse but across our community teams this change has resulted in at least a £15,000 annual saving.."

Education was undertaken and posters given out by our local representative prior to the changeover which went very smoothly. We have had no issues raised by staff who all appear to be happy clinically with the change in product.

In our opinion the products work well and in fact the film tends to dry slightly quicker than our previous brand. We used the barrier film very successfully on a baby in our neonatal intensive care unit with moisture related skin damage to her face, this worked quickly and her mother was very impressed!

Hospital spend is difficult to analyse but across our community teams this change has resulted in at least a £15,000 annual saving.

Julie Sturges

Tissue Viability Lead Nurse, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

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